Motte and Bailey Castles

During October Half term, Year 5, their parents and other tribes folk, prepared for battle. The countryside was scoured and no stone left unturned in pursuit of the best way to make a Motte and Bailey Castle model.

Plans were kept secretive and younger sibling traitors warned, at peril of dismal Norman punishment, not to divulge any details of strategies employed during construction. Finally the last drawbridge was raised, flags were hoisted, the moats filled with greasy water and the last sheep safely sheltered in the bailey.

Then, anxious Year 5 parents carried the creations down to CH 1, accompanied by excited children. Each new arrival gathering an audience like the Pied Piper, or Norman equivalent. What triumphant examples of careful research, concentration, artistic genius and team work they were. By taking up the gauntlet, every child in the year group was a winner. However, the nature of a competition is that some models exhibited just a little more authenticity, individuality or finishing touches which set them apart from the others.

Four brave Year 8 pupils accepted the difficult task of judging the models. A mere four years ago they had made their own, so they soon remembered the “brief”. After careful deliberation, they made the following selections:

1st Prize – Jack S-E

Runners up – Summer B-C, Anna B, Phoebe G, Rosalila G, Hope H and Henry LF.

Congratulations to every member of Year 5 and especially to those splendid seven prize-winners.

23 November 2018
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