Mathematical Poetry

After National Poetry Day last week, ECS has seen some fringe poetry events taking place across the curriculum. Some of Year 7s tried Mathematical poetry, Mrs Lake-Johns was impressed and amused by their creations, so much so that she even wrote her own!


Poppy M – Year 7

Odd, even whatever you do, I love Maths and so do you

Add, Subtract, divide time, hit the music Mrs Lake-Johns

Symmetry, whole number, zero, all simple unless you’re zero

Kite rhombus rectangle square,,,,, STAR!

“ Worst Maths teacher ever”
Maria N – Year 7


What a melancholy business


What a sad sight

When I walk past a room

And see the children at work

I think

Oh the poor dears, just dying

But I’m a Maths teacher see and that class is my class

That I’ve skived off from teaching today!

“Maths, Maths, Maths”
James M-C – Year 7

Maths, Maths, Maths

The most annoying subject in the world

Adding subtracting dividing times-ing

What else?

Well actually there’s a lot of mathematical terms like


Don’t, just don’t.

Not a good idea

“Dreadful Maths”
Samuel R – Year 7

Maths is a subject stressful as can be

Tests all the time, teasing me

BIDMAS and decimals, I always get wrong

Sums I do all incorrect

Addition and subtraction are trick questions

Fractions and percentages just never make sense,

I just don’t understand the need for long division

What is the point of dreaded prep?

It’s such a sad sight when you receive homework

But you know you’re in luck when your teacher plays


Josie C – Year 7

Times-ing, Adding, dividing and subtraction and many more,

Sitting in a test waiting for the clock to tick to the end

Then you realise you actually have to do the Maths

I find myself thinking about so many other things than Maths itself

Then I realise the clock fell off the shelf

Watching the clock with so much boredom

Then I realise I’m dead on the floor!

“Keep Going”
Archie T – Year 7

1,2,3,4 Maths is not hard no more

Just think about it, 1 + 1 ain’t hard

And that’s Maths

Whether you are counting to 3

Or trying to find out what 8 multiplied by 3 x 63 is

Just believe and if you don’t succeed, try again.

“Maths with Mrs L-J”
Josh T  – Year 7

Decimal dividing co-ordinate deciding

Lattice multiplication, mental calculation

First use brackets when using BIDMAS mathematics

Parallelogram, pentagon, rhombus, hexagon

Using protractor take care, sharing sweets leave none to spare

Maths is always fun with Mrs Lake-Johns

“Have you got what you need?”
Xanthe S – Year 7

You need a pencil case

At all times with

A ruler



And most importantly


When you have

All these things

You need to find

A test that is



Mrs Lake-John

The dog ate my homework

I had a sporting match

Evensong ran over

What will she accept?


My pencil case went missing

I had a tummy ache

Computer wasn’t working

What will she accept?


Couldn’t find my book

Lost my homework diary

It was Grannie’s birthday

What will she accept?


Will she even notice

If I slip it to her late?

Should I buy some flowers?

What will she accept?


It takes soooooooooooooooooo long this prep

Not so much the task she gives

But the thinking and the plan

For the excuses she’ll accept!

11 October 2019
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