Lights, Camera, Action!

Each year the Exeter Phoenix hosts a short film competition entitled ‘Two Short Nights’.

The competition gives each team 48 hours to plan, shoot and edit a three-minute film – with selected films being played at the Phoenix’s Film Premiere. This year, ECS entered its own team of five pupils.

On Saturday morning, the ECS team were given their brief, containing specific elements that had to be included. The video brief required the following: a Sci-fi theme, a local politician as a character, a selected object (a thimble), and to read or show the following text “For Sale. Great Condition. Good Size. Missing the key for the padlock.”

With only the weekend to complete their film, the team quickly set about creating a story, devising  characters and planning their shot locations. Shooting started before lunch and continued through to Sunday afternoon. Editing took several hours and by 6pm, the final film was ready to be submitted to the Exeter Phoenix. The film was entitled ‘Back to the Past’.

It was a challenging and tiring weekend, however the final result made it worthwhile. The team did incredibly well, and must be congratulated for their ideas and enthusiasm.

Eva S – Cyborg 1
Cassia T – Cyborg 2
Leela R – Evil Mayor Magpie
Owen J –  Crazy Shopkeeper
Herbert T – Camera operator/robot

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to show the film until it has been officially premiered at the 48 Hour Film Challenge Premiere on the 30th November. However, after that date, we look forward to releasing it!

16 November 2018
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