Life as a Buddhist Nun

On Wednesday morning the pupils from Years 3-6 were fascinated by a visit from a practising Buddhist nun, complementing our lively enrichment program at ECS.

Ani Kunsang Palmo (Jude Avery) is originally from the UK, but has spent the last 13 years practising Buddhism in the Himachal Pradesh region of Northern India.  She now lives in a nunnery in Northern India as a Buddhist nun of the Tibetan tradition.  She told us about life in the Himalayan Foothills and the rigorous daily routines of the nuns.  We learned the story of how Buddha achieved enlightenment, the origins of Buddhism and how Buddhists live their faith – of particular interest to Year 6 who are studying Buddhism this term.   Both staff and children enjoyed a mini meditation and learned some techniques to help us to find times to relax in our busy lives and enjoy being in the moment.  There were many, many questions at the end of the talk and we are very grateful to Jude Avery for giving her time to share her belief with us on her visit to the UK.

If you would like to read more about the nunnery, please visit: http://tenzinpalmo.com

Rosemary Bewley
Year 4 Teacher

21 September 2018
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