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Valentine Events in the Library

To celebrate Valentine’s Day and our love of reading, two events took place in the Chantry Library this week.

Year 5-8 pupils joined in a ‘Strictly Come Reading’ competition. There were eleven enthusiastic participants, four judges, an audience and a selection of wrapped books for the event. Each contestant unwrapped their book and read the opening paragraphs to the judges who awarded points on how gripping they thought the opening lines were for potential readers.

The winning book, with full marks, was ‘The Stormkeeper’s Island’ by Catherine Doyle.  Is it now out on loan!

Years 3 and 4 played a game called ‘Mismatched Valentines!’  Sitting in a circle, each pupil read one random sentence from a book.  There were some very funny mismatched sentences.

Librarians this half term

Many thanks to the keen and conscientious librarians this half term. Our Librarian Hall of Fame is below.

15 February 2019
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