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Year 2

It is lovely to see the Year 2 children enjoying the books in the Chantry Library each week. They are now familiar with where to find their favourite genres and often spend time reading and talking about what they have discovered. There are a number of very willing senior pupils who give up their time to come and help the children choose books and listen to them read.


Take off on a Reading Adventure
It is time for a reading challenge! With the summer advancing upon us and thoughts turning to travel. This term, the challenge will take readers on journeys and adventures all over the world. Alice has already completed her first book, a story based in the lovely city of Venice, whereas Xanthe and Poppy are closer to home, reading the ‘London Eye Mystery’. Please see the Librarian if you would like to take part.

Carnegie and Greenaway Book Awards Shadowing Group
The children continue to read and review the shortlisted books. We do not have any clear favourites emerging yet, but there is still time. Maddie has just finished reading ‘Thornhill’, and Alice has enjoyed ‘Where the World Ends’ – a little reminiscent of Lord of the Flies! See their reviews below.
The winners will be announced on 18th June so there is still time to join in.

‘Thornhill’ by Pam Smy, is such a good book. I think it is great how there is one story in the words and another in the pictures. The book is so thrilling, it is like you really are stuck in the old, creaky house, and the only way to get out is to finish the book. I found this book a little scary but so good and intriguing. 5 out of 5!

‘Where the World Ends’ by Geraldine McCaughrean, is about a boy called Quillam (Quill) and his friends, who go on a trip to a sea stac in St Kilda and are abandoned. Quill and friends must learn to work together to survive. This was gripping! I also found it interesting that this book was based on a true story!
My favourite part is when they find they have been abandoned. I am normally a bit of a coward and do not like scary books, however, it was compulsive because I wanted to know how it would end. I loved where bits of the story kept jumping out at me!
Overall, I think this was a very exciting book. I rate it three and a half out of five and age-wise 10+

Enjoy reading!

4 May 2018
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