Leela in the Dragons’ Den

On 30 March 2019 Leela (Year 7) was invited to be a Dragon at the UK Investor Show 2019, an event that takes place annually at the QE2 conference centre in Westminster. Leela was invited to attend the UK Investor Show after one of the event’s organisers had heard her speak about economics, politics and finance – subjects that Leela feels passionately about.

On the day, Leela took the stage with two other Dragons – Nigel Wray and Steve Moore to hear four pitches from companies wanting genuine investment.

Wray and Moore were up first and went for Concepta UK, a company that produced a fertility tracking app. Leela went last and picked Powerhouse Energy Group – a company that had developed technology to turn waste plastics into energy – saying that their values matched hers as she was interested in the environment and the economy and liked their pitch.

Knowing the right question to ask in times like this is crucial and Leela asked how much of their own money each of the Directors had put into the business, simply put ‘how much skin do you have in the company’? This question was met with applause.

Since then, Leela has given her mother a full lecture on securitisation and together they are looking at the types of investments that go into the economy.

26 April 2019
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