Exeter Language Club Launch

We are delighted that Exeter Language Club used Kalendar Hall as the venue for its launch last weekend.

Exeter has launched the new educational project Exeter Language Club, aimed to support and further develop local community. 

Exeter Language Club had its first public event on Saturday 13th of January. Exeter Expats community enthusiasts have organised parents and children afternoon, with the children pantomime themed to the Russian New Year celebration, followed by the children disco. The Lord Mayor of Exeter Councillor Lesley Robson and the Councillor Rob Hannaford have attended the opening. The event was supported by the number of local businesses and organisations, including Exeter Cathedral School, Ark Events, Viva Hair, Northwood Exeter and Exeter Specsavers. Exeter Language Club will continue offering different educational and entertaining events for the Exeter community, that are aimed to bring wider awareness of different international cultures and encourage children and adults of Exeter and Devon to learn different languages.

About Exeter Language Club. Exeter Language club is a new community organisation in Exeter, that is offering language tuition to children and adults of any ages. Currently there are children lessons on Saturdays for Chinese Mandarin, Russian, Italian, Spanish and Polish, taught by native speakers. The lessons also include different language relevant activities and cultural events.  For more information please visit  http://exeterlanguageclub.co.uk


19 January 2018
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