KS1 STEM Day – Space Mission!

Focused STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) activities are designed to encourage innovation, learning about the world, technical literacy and problem solving. 

To encompass this, the children participated in a day of activities based around a Mars Landing Challenge.

They learned about the real Mars Rover landings, then designed their own rover, specially designed to protect the precious ‘scientific equipment’ (an egg) inside it when it descended to the ‘Mars surface’. The teams undertook Maths challenges in order to earn tokens with which to buy materials to build their rover. The day culminated in an exciting ‘Rover Descent’ in the Chantry playground, when the teams’ designs were tested and evaluated. Over half the eggs landed unharmed!  Prep Heads of Department from both Maths and Science, Mrs Stallard and Mrs Ball, joined us to offer advice and encouragement during the day, as well as giving points for successful teamwork, design and outcome. A very valuable and interesting day!

 Miss Rosemary Bewley
Year 1 Teacher

29 March 2018
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