Investigating the Tudors!

Year 6 have adapted their secondary-level studies of the Tudors to Home Learning in a very positive way. Elizabeth I is now on the throne, having succeeded ‘Bloody’ Mary. Take a look at Edward’s absolutely fantastic family movie, explaining Elizabeth’s early years!

We investigated portraits of Elizabeth as primary evidence to discover how she used the social media of the time to send a message through her own image. We learned about her attempts to find a compromise between the Catholics and the Protestants as she took power, only to be excommunicated and threatened with death by the Pope – which rather put a stop to that idea.

Over the last two weeks, the pupils have been doing independent research and putting together a presentation that will teach their peers about a Tudor Explorer.

Excellent work, History Detectives! The Spanish Armada threatens attack after half term!

21 May 2020
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