International Day

On the 3rd April 2019, International Day took place in the Chapter House.

It was a spectacular event that went down extremely well. Adults and children brought in food, fun games, outfits and more, to show and experience with the pupil. I loved watching it take place and it was more than I could have ever expected. We got to meet several pupils from Thailand which, personally, topped the whole day for for me. After going around Chapter House, we headed over to lunch where there was a wonderful International food theme: noodles, sauces, Irish stew, sushi, soda bread and more. Everyone loved it!

I would just like to say a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who helped out; that includes my amazing committee, Mrs Stallard, the Headmaster for letting it take place, the chefs and finally all the people and parents who ran or helped run a stall.

I am sure you are glad to know that we raised around £94.60 from the money you donated and that the money will now go to the charity SARI, so a huge thank you for donating your money to a really good cause.

It was a great success. Thank you.

Leela R (Year 7)

Tamil Language competition

Congratulations to the winner of the Tamil Language competition: Evie L (Year 8) for correctly identifying one of the three words.

A special mention to Felix W (Year 8) for the best Tamil handwriting.

6 April 2019
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