Here Comes the Sun!

Exeter Cathedral School pupils have been welcomed back to school with a specially-made musical video.

Here Comes The Sun- Year 8 – YouTube

Recorded by Year 8 pupils at home during lockdown and produced by Oscar Gibbons, ECS Alumnus (2019), “Here Comes the Sun” captures the joy of pupils returning to the School site.


The video was part of the senior pupils’ curriculum music lessons and, with support from the School’s Director of Music, Mrs Julia Featherstone and Chorister Tutor, Mr Keith Roberts – who also arranged the piece – the pupils rehearsed and recorded their own parts at home.


Mrs Featherstone said “it was a wonderful group project and is an example of music continuing throughout lockdown at ECS. It’s inspiring for them to see how alumni are continuing their musical journey after ECS.”


The video project was produced and mixed by budding musician Oscar Gibbons – a former pupil and chorister at ECS (class of 2019), and now studying at Exeter School with a music scholarship. He says that after discovering his love of music at ECS his “interest in recording production has really taken off. This has been a great way to work with my old school again, produce a great project and continue to learn new skills at the same time.”


Music, drama, art – and the whole curriculum – was offered to all ECS pupils via live lessons during lockdown. The School’s remote learning platform – ECS: Learning 2021 – received acclaim from Microsoft for its sector-leading approach to delivering a balanced programme.


The sun was indeed shining as all pupils returned to Exeter Cathedral School on Monday, and the sounds of children playing and laughing rang out across the School. As the lyrics go: “Here comes the sun – and….it’s alright!’



8 March 2021
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