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Well done to everyone on a terrifically positive week of remote learning. It has been wonderful to see so many examples of pupils, parents and staff engaging with our ‘new normal’ and I want to congratulate you all for your endeavours, learnings, resilience and successes of this week.

One of the highlights for me has been seeing the many creative and inspiring ways that ECS families have found to mark VE Day. That happens tomorrow, of course, but we have had assemblies and projects throughout the week, and we have encouraged our pupils to dress in a ‘rainbow theme’ to mark the milestone. The rainbow is a sign of hope, a symbol of peace, and a promise of what lies ahead – and of course the symbol of gratitude as we clap for our carers on a Thursday evening – and it has been great to know that so many pupils and families have worn rainbow colours today as a reflection of those core messages.

Here, then, to take us into the Bank Holiday weekend, is a photo special of some our brightly-adorned remote learners.

Have a wonderful long weekend. Step away from the screen if you can – I have instructed the staff team to do exactly that – and we look forward to being with you all again on Monday.

7 May 2020
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