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Having made the decision that we probably wouldn’t prorogue (who knew that word before the summer?) school, we have hit the ground running and enjoyed a terrific first 10 days of the academic year.

For many of us, the summer holidays give a chance to have a proper break; to switch off and relax. For some of Team ECS, though, the summer was a really busy working time, and I want to draw your attention to the super hard work of those members of staff – administrative and maintenance chiefly – who worked through the summer to ensure that we were ready and raring to go for day 1 of term. The major project for Mr Crocker (our Clerk of Works) and his team was the renovation of the Pre-Prep front hall. Hall House has never looked smarter: clean and bright colours, new lighting, new panel work, new doors, a new reception desk and area, replaced tiles: a smart and welcoming environment for parents, pupils, staff and guests. Huge thanks to Mr Crocker, Mr Jermyn and Mr Chandler for their tremendous work over the summer.

We kicked off in late August with a day of induction for our new staff. Miss Baxendale (our Boarding House Matron), Mrs Chatterjee (Nursery teacher) and Mr Guildford (Gap Tutor) are fantastic additions to the ECS team, and we are really pleased to have them with us. Two days of staff training followed (first aid, safeguarding, learning & teaching, departmental time) before we welcomed the pupils back 2 skool.

And we haven’t looked back. Lessons and preps are well underway, clubs and music lessons began this week, our first set of sports fixtures kicked off on Wednesday (well done to our teams on some terrific victories!), and we have been pleased to welcome parents and guardians to School for our start-of-term receptions in Kalendar Hall and for our ‘The Year Ahead’ events in the Pre-Prep. The fabulous FECS committee have already gathered to plan for the year, and they know how grateful I am for their huge efforts to fundraise in support of the School.

Our Choristers have wasted little time in getting back into the swing (sing?) of things. The first set of sung services was last weekend, and I warmly congratulate our new probationer choristers on their first appearance in their cassocks: they have done really well and performed their first week of Chorister duties admirably alongside the demands of a busy start of term. Many congratulations indeed to George A, Henry C, Antoine C-M, Adam H, Martha H, Emanuele M, Kiah N, Jemima S and Olivia T. At the other end of the Chorister journey were our new Senior Choristers; Year 8s who have served the choir for many years and who now take up the mantle of being roles models, ambassadors and leaders. Very well done on their investiture – and many thanks for all that they will do – to Jack A, Joseph C, Thomas C, Daniel D, Alice H-M, and Natalie P.

And so, after a busy, happy and successful 5 days, here endeth the second week. Very well done indeed to all of our pupils and staff on a terrific week, and sincere thanks to our parents, guardians, guests and friends for all that you do to support all things ECS.

Happy weekend.

13 September 2019
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