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There is traditionally something of a juxtaposition about the final Newsletter of the School year. On the one hand, it’s our last opportunity to put down in print some of the fabulous achievements and goings-on that continue apace at ECS (the end of term, incidentally, pays little attention to the (frankly fraudulent) notion that schools ‘wind down’ before the summer holidays); on the other, there is a certain amount of keeping-dry-of-powder for the big gig just around the corner. Our Speech Day takes place on Thursday at 11am in the Cathedral (please do join us), and I am looking forward very much to celebrating the magnificent year that 2018-19 has been. This week’s HM’s Blog, then, is a minimal affair – and I’d like to use it to say the two most important words in the English language: thank you.

Thank you to you, the parents and friends of ECS who continue to show your support and love for our wonderful school. All that you do for the School – whether via word of mouth, through attending concerts and fixtures, through being on the FECS committee, through your donations, your time, your good humour and your good will – all of this makes a huge difference to the School. Please know that it is sincerely appreciated.

Thank you, too, to my tip-top team of staff for their unstinting hard work. This has been a seriously busy year and the teaching staff and the non-teaching staff have worked tirelessly and with good humour to ensure the best possible provision to our pupils. We’ve had the inspection, too (have we mentioned that?) and the ‘Excellent’ judgement that we received is in no small part due to the stellar line up of staff.

Lastly – and significantly – thank you to our pupils. You can tell a lot about a school by the way in which the children interact with each other and with staff and visitors. I am enormously proud of the pupils at ECS – they are kind, hard-working, generous, gentle, compassionate, aware, committed, and great fun. That’s a super combination, and I congratulate all of our pupils on a terrific year.

To those who are unable to make it to Speech Day – have a wonderful holiday. To those who will be with us on the 11th – I look forward to gathering together and looking back at what has been a truly sensational year for ECS.

5 July 2019
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