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I am delighted this week to be able to bring you a guest blog from our Worship Co-ordinator, Mrs Fitzpatrick.

James Featherstone


As Lent draws to its conclusion and along with it, this school term, we have time to reflect on all the events of the recent past, and look forward to the hope which Easter brings.

The Easter Story serves as a reminder that through faith and love, we are stronger together than we are alone, and this is nowhere more evident then in the classrooms and playgrounds of our school. For some, the past term has been a challenging one, personal tragedies, sickness, loss, change. Our community has drawn itself even closer, offering support and love. In Christ we are one family, and as I walk around the school or teach my classes, I can see our ECS family helping, celebrating and nurturing each other. It is a beautiful sight, and a blessing to be part of.

Last Friday I had the pleasure of attending the ECS Charity Concert in Exeter Cathedral, and I was truly overwhelmed by the immense talent and musicianship on display. The musical standard was high, and the performances toe-tappingly enjoyable, but what made it extra special for` me, was seeing the little interactions between students. The supporting smiles as friends got up to perform, the heartfelt applause given after a peer’s performance, the hugs of fellowship, and the hopeful grins which you only find when entire year groups unite, after weeks of rehearsals, to give their final performance. It is in these moments I see the true treasure of ECS, how students, staff and parents work together to achieve amazing things. The students flourished and in doing so, gave the gift of joy to everyone in the audience.  This alone is a beautiful thing, yet in addition to this, the concert raised over £2500 for Exeter Food Bank, making our total fundraising efforts since September a staggering £3000 (approx.)! This is truly a life changing amount of money and will be used to help people right here within our local community.

As my thoughts turn towards the future, I am looking forward to working with our students to continue to create meaningful worship opportunities. Next Wednesday is our Passiontide Procession and Eucharist (to which parents are warmly invited), and the children are already busy preparing their prayers and readings. Next term there are lots of exciting things planned; students in Year 6 and above will have the opportunity to attend Confirmation Classes, Nursery and Reception children will have their own interactive worship service in the Cathedral, and the whole school will be invited to take part in the two-day Prayer Space initiative based in the Chapter House. These are very exciting times!

As my guest blog-post draws to a close, I’d like to finish with a prayer:

God, our Father in heaven, throughout the season of Lent we have looked forward to the hope of Easter. Through Christ’s passion on the cross we see you sharing in the suffering of humanity. Through His resurrection we are given a share in your eternal hope, entrance to your eternal family. We thank you for the fellowship and love we experience as members of the ECS family. Help us to remember that we are stronger together, help us entrust our faith to you and have honesty with ourselves. Thank you for the opportunity we have, help us make the right choices so that we can use this gift to help others, continuing Christ’s work in our local community and into the 21st century. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Mrs Fitzpatrick
Worship Co-ordinator

23 March 2018
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