Hall House New Classes

The Pre-Prep pupils have made a super start to the Michaelmas Term. This year we have named our classes after British Wildlife. Nursery and Reception are called Bumblebees, Ladybirds and Frogs,  Year 1 are Owls and Hedgehogs and Year 2 are Foxes and Badgers. All sorts of activities have been going on as the children begin to find out more about their class name. We have an action packed term ahead of us and here is a glimpse of just some of the things that we are looking forward to this term…

The Bumblebees are looking forward to learning about different weathers. They will be making kites for the wind; splashing in puddles for the rain; wrapping up warm for the snow and making sandcastles in the sun.

The Reception children are looking forward to becoming Frogs and Ladybirds and getting to know their new classmates. They are looking forward to visiting Touch of the Wild, and enjoying a day exploring the woods.

The Owls and Hedgehogs of Year 1 are looking forward to learning with their new teachers and friends, visiting Cricklepit Mill and finding out all about Owls and Hedgehogs.

The Badgers and Foxes of Year 2 are looking forward to learning about Homes in different places and are excited to be visiting Escot to learn how Saxon people used to live.

13 September 2018
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