Guest Blog: A school chaplain has a simple job!

A school chaplain has a simple job! To be available to be a friend and to care for the girls and boys of our School and, of course, the teaching and non-teaching staff. For me, when I have received ordinary care and friendship myself, I’ve experienced something of what Jesus Christ is about: Jesus in the ordinary. At present, I feel a little odd as it’s not easy making contact because of Corona Virus. It’ll feel odd for every single person in the School. Please remember your teachers and all the staff who have worked tirelessly to make this school as safe, welcoming and an enjoyable experience as possible. I hope to see all the boys and girls in the Prep and Pre-Prep parts of the School in your ‘bubbles’. 

To spend time with young people is already giving me new life and energy. Thank you. We’ll get to know each other, I know. It’ll take time for you to be familiar with who I am and how I am, but you may at some point want to talk, ask me questions and, perhaps, ask for help. I’m here at Exeter Cathedral School for you! If you want to see me, then ask your Form Teacher and he or she will get in touch and we’ll arrange a time and place in the school. If your parents want to see me, then I’m here for them as well. 

But please know whether you’re a pupil, a parent, a teacher or a member of staff, I see that an important piece of work I can do right now is to pray for you. That’s about holding you in the Love of God. As simple and as important as that!

Here’s a prayer that you might want to use: 

Christ, friend and teacher,

help us to look at those around us

in our school as friends.

Let us show simple care and attention

to each other.

May all that we learn and teach here

lead us into deeper friendship and

loving care.

In that friendship and care,

we meet you,

Christ, friend and teacher. Amen.


11 September 2020
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