Exam revision in the sun!

⭐️ Star Boarders

Two Year 8 boarders are our Star Boarders of the week this week. Margot impressed the boarding team with her kindness, always willing to help others. Isaac was also very kind, taking the time to show our younger boarders how to play cricket on the playground. Well done, both.


☀️ Exam revision in the sun!

It has been a busy couple of weeks for our lovely boarders. Year 8 pupils are putting a lot of effort into their daily revision sessions in the Boarding House, making sure they are ready for their forthcoming exams. Margo and Milo were even found working in the sun during one of their breaks.


🎉 Three birthday celebrations

We also celebrated a few birthdays too. Eliza, Antoine and Miss Hawkins blew the candles out on a delicious cake made by our amazing catering team, Thomas Franks Ltd. Happy birthday!


Every day, boarders enjoy a variety of activities and practise their instruments. With the nice summer weather hopefully starting soon, we will be able to spend some quality time outdoors.


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