Enrichment Visit – Ben Bradshaw MP

Our special visit from Ben Bradshaw

Last week on Friday 2nd February Ben Bradshaw came to our school! He was very honest and friendly and he told me what to do to follow my dream of becoming Prime Minister. One of the questions we asked him was why he picked Labour. He explained to us that when he first got into politics at the age of 13 or 14 he supported the Liberal Democrats before he changed his allegiance to Labour later. Partly that was because he thought Labour had done a lot of good things for the country when it was in government.

Ben Bradshaw has been our local MP for 21 years, which is a remarkable achievement. Ben listened to children as young as 10. A lot of grown ups don’t do that, so I was very pleased that he took our questions and answered them in grown up words. He really treated us like young adults, which I personally loved! And I am truly grateful to Ben Bradshaw for coming to our school and to the teachers who organised the whole visit, it was something I will never forget. We all got to be interviewers for an hour or two, which was amazing and we got quite a few questions answered in the best way possible. All I can say in conclusion is that it was a great experience and I hope Ben never forgets coming to Exeter Cathedral School.

Leela, Year 6

9 February 2018
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