Elf Risk!

There has been a magical buzz around Year 4 this week; a very small door has appeared in the upstairs classroom, labelled ‘Elves Only!’ On Tuesday we found a tiny letter pinned to the door, in it the elves introduced themselves and invited the children to write back. So, we made some suitably tiny writing paper and used teeny handwriting to reply and now each child has their very own Elf pen pal in daily contact! It is so exciting to see if the elf post has arrived in the morning!

We quickly learned that the elves cannot appear when any humans are around, so they have to wait until the coast is clear before they sneak out to play and explore. There have been some mischievous goings on over night… Who ate those chocolate coins? Who covered Abby the tortoise in Christmas stickers? Hmm…

But what is behind the door? 4B imagined what their idea of Elf Land would look like, and they have started to build a word bank of vocabulary and ideas to use when they create their fantastic sentences in a descriptive piece of writing next week. They have even drawn their Elf Land to match their written ideas. We can’t wait to send the descriptions to the elves when we have finished them to see what they think of our ideas!

Rosemary Bewley
Year 4

6 December 2019
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