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Year 4 have enjoyed a trip to the Roman Baths and made their own musical instruments this week!

They took a 3D tour of the Roman Baths and then produced fact-files, drawings and posters. They learned about the Tepidarium, Caldarium and Frigidariums and even found out that they had food and drink stalls and entertainment there too! We all agreed that it was more like a trip to David Lloyd than our weekly (?!) bath at home!



In Science, they’ve been learning all about sound and made their own musical instruments.  We first designed our instruments and worked out what tools and materials we needed, and then got building using whatever we could find.  Mrs Western’s pan pipes made from straws fell apart very quickly…but Zachary H (4K) made a very impressive “harp” from an old guitar box and Sebastian GH (4K) was very creative with some tin cans!  The whole class formed a band at the end of the lesson and performed with Jules P (4K) singing Christmas carols!


Zach H – Harp – 04.12.20



4 December 2020
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