Eco Week – What did they get up to?

Last week, Hall House was buzzing with the excitement of Eco Week – a packed week of activities designed to teach the children to be aware of their planet and how to take good care of it. A lot happened over those five days and each year group has provided an insight into what they discovered.


The Nursery have been considering the impact of waste on the world’s eco-systems. Here they are removing plastic caught in our oceans, woodlands and jungles – preventing the local wildlife from eating it. The children also had the chance to do their own recycling outside and collected bottles and cardboard from the garden before putting it in a recycling bin.


We made bird feeders from pears, bread and raisins and hung them in the back garden for the birds to enjoy! We also created a colourful display about the importance of recycling and then talked about how we could all help to look after the world.

Year 1:

What 10 things can we do to save our planet? Year 1 spent a week discussing and sharing ideas about how we can protect our Earth. We have used our recycling from home and school to produce some brilliant artwork and writing.


Year 2:

We loved Eco-week! We re-used plastic bottles to make our own plant pots for growing winter flowering pansies. Maths featured in a lot of our activities as we picked up litter and completed tally charts at the same time. We also estimated, counted and weighed the ingredients (apples and seeds) for our home-made bird feeders – which are now hanging in the garden.


24 January 2020
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