Dental Care in the Nursery

In Nursery, we have been selected to be part of the NHS Toothbrushing Scheme.

We have been brushing up on our tooth brushing skills with our new tooth brush trains. Once a day we brush our teeth together, making sure to use big circular movements and brushing the teeth at the very back of our mouths. We time ourself for 2 minutes to a timer or a fun toothbrushing song.

We’ve learnt about the various foods and sweet treats that can rot our teeth. We’ve also discussed what happens if we don’t brush our teeth and what could happen. The children have also been given a tooth brush pack and timer to take home to use in the mornings and at bedtime. So far we’ve had some fantastic tooth brushing sessions and look forward to seeing lots of sparking smiles.

Happy Brushing!

7 February 2020
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