“We the Curious” with Year 6

Year 6 has spent the day completely hands on at the “We the Curious” Bristol Exploratorium.

The morning consisted of a free play session for pupils to investigate Chemistry, Physics and Biology gadgets. There was a water section, an animation section, space exploration and construction areas to name but a few. This was followed by an awe inspiring Planetarium show. The 3-D experience saw the whole of Year 6 reclining in their seats and watching the heavens as we explored stars, comets and planets above us. They have never been so quiet- apart from the gasps of amazement as we flew to Saturn’s rings!

After lunch, the students programmed individual robots to carry out increasingly complex tasks. It was a fabulous exercise in writing simple but precise instructions and more than once, the “naughty” robots turned out to have been mistakenly programmed.

“I loved it, my tummy felt fizzy when we flew”
“I didn’t know anything about the moon Pan, I’m really glad I saw it”
“I saw a human skull and I could pick it up”
“The coding program was easy to use but we did keep rotating our robot by mistake instead of turning 90 degrees only”
“Our robot crashed into the rocks! I think we forgot to tell it to stop.”

Mrs Lake-Johns

21 June 2018
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