Cracking the Code at Sherborne School

A group of Year 7 pupils attended a cracking day at Sherborne school for boys and girls. They took part in 4 exciting activities. In Maths they applied their knowledge of geometry and integers to decode some puzzles, in science extracting DNA from Kiwi Fruit was interspersed with finding as many different words as possible only using the letters in the words deoxyribose nucleic acid. Translating Norwegian, Dutch and Irish was a great challenge, but linking words to books they knew including Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (Harry Potter og halvblodprinsen!) and The Very Hungry Caterpillar helped. Mrs Stallard was very pleased to find that the clue to translating Irish lay in the numbers!

Challenge Time:

  • Why don’t you see how many words you can make from deoxyribose nucleic acid? Each word has to have at least 3 letters and you can only use them the number of times they occur in the word. For example ‘add’ is ok but ‘added’ is not because there are only 2 d’s in deoxyribose nucleic acid! Bring your words to Mrs Stallard on Monday for a DNA treat. Only English words allowed!
  • Can you translate the following? (Hint: What did the Hungry Caterpillar eat on Tuesday?)

Op dinsdag at hij zich dwars door twee peren heen, maar genoeg had hij nog altijd niet.

A great day was had by all but especially Finley who made 63 DNA words in 15 minutes and got to eat a piece of DNA disguised as a FLUMP!

5 October 2018
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