Cosy nights in the Boarding House

Our Star Boarder this week is Milo (Year 7). Milo joined the School as a full boarder at the start of term and has impressed many members of the boarding team. Milo settled down very quickly and soon became part of the boarding family. He has showed a great deal of maturity, a fantastic, positive attitude, a willingness to participate in all the activities on offer and he did all of this with a great sense of humour. Well done, Milo and welcome to the family.

This week, with the nights drawing in earlier each day and the weather sometimes not allowing the use of our outdoor spaces, the boarders made excellent use of all the facilities we have in School. The worked hard in the prep room, practised their music instruments twice a day and enjoyed a cosy night under a warm blanket. Don’t we all need those nights sometimes?

Last week, boarders were asked to think about who would like to be part of the Boarding Council led by our Senior Boarder Ellie May (Year 8). The Boarding Council is there to give boarders an opportunity to share their views, opinions, and ideas about the Boarding House. Members of the council should aim to set an example for the rest of the boarding community, making sure everyone is included and happy, listening and gathering ideas on how to improve the boarding experience and relaying this information to the Head of Boarding during Boarding Council meetings.

Those interested in the role signed up on the board and presented their motivations to the rest of the boarders. A vote will take place next week and the new Boarding Council will be announced next week.


Have a good weekend!

Mr Baurance

Head of Boarding

1 October 2021
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