Continuous Provision in Hall House

In the Early Years, the children enjoy continuous provision. This is a range of activities planned around a chosen theme or learning intention which the children can access independently. Here are some examples of continuous provision activities.

Bandaging the animals at the ‘animal hospital’ helps to develop fine motor skills, as twisting and stretching the elastic bands (representing the bandages) provides resistance, and encourages a range of hand movements.

Using tools such as mashers, tweezers and large spoons also provide the same benefits.

ICT is a great way for children to work independent of adult support, boosting self confidence and helping consolidate phonic and number knowledge at the same time.

Continuous provision is an essential element of Early Years education, and allows for creative and open ended learning opportunities for all children, enabling them to follow their interests and work at their own pace. It is always a lot of fun too!


29 November 2019
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