Clare Hollingworth Scoop of the Century

Over half term, the Paddleboat theatre company visited ECS to perform their exciting production of Clare Hollingworth: Scoop of the Century. Mrs Taylor, who organised the event, has kindly provided a write-up for the newsletter:

β€œThe theatre company delivered an amazing performance and had the audience spellbound from the moment the show started. There was much hilarity as the characters engaged the audience in telling their own journalistic stories, organising the logic of coded messages from journalist Clare Hollingworth in Berlin to the Daily Telegraph in London, and then getting on board a loaded vehicle transporting escaping refugees.

There were sombre moments too, as the audience were encouraged to reflect on what it really felt like to be a refugee in WW2. Everyone who attended complimented the Company on their fantastic portable pop up set and props, and felt they had genuinely been taken on an entertaining and educational journey celebrating the interesting and inspiring life of Clare Hollingworth.

The workshop at the end kept people for an additional hour, playing some interactive games, followed by more serious recollection of their own WW2 stories. Including one six year old recounting that his Polish Grandma had indeed been a spy in the war.”

ECS would like to extend its thanks to all who were able to attend and to those who contributed so much in making the event a success. The event raised an impressive volume of money which will go to support the Choir Association.

8 November 2019
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