新年快乐 from Year 4

新年快乐 (Happy New Year) from Year 4

We were very lucky in 4B as Elizabeth D gave us a lesson all about her family in China and how Chinese people celebrate the Lunar New Year (or Spring Festival). We learned that the celebrations begin on 25th January this year and that we are entering the Year of the Rat!

She told us about her family home, traditions, gifts, food and fireworks and she had put together a super Powerpoint to accompany her talk, with plenty of pictures. She also brought in decorations and a (lucky) red money envelope to show the class. Have a look at Elizabeth’s Powerpoint below:

Chinese New Year Presentation

Then she had arranged for us all to make Chinese Lanterns, so that we can decorate the classroom for the New Year.

We really enjoyed learning about Elizabeth’s cultural background; she had a lot of questions to answer. She thoroughly deserved her Headmaster’s Commendation! Thank you, Elizabeth!

We can’t wait to hear our next 4B talk, which will be all about Japan…

R Bewley

24 January 2020
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