Children in Need Competition Winners

Thank you to every single member of our community who took part in our fundraising for Children in Need. The final donations are in, and we will soon be able to share with you how much our school raised. In the meantime, I am delighted to share with you the winners of our competition!

Guess the number of dots: Scarlett Year 2 – Your guess was the closest to the number of dots (164)!
Pudsey Colouring Competition: Leni Year 2

Guess the number of dots: Lola Year 4 – You guessed correctly with 156 dots!
Pudsey Colouring Competition: Charlotte M Year 4
We had so many great entries for our colouring competition. It was really hard for the staff to choose a winner, but after much deliberation, Leni and Charlotte took the prizes. Congratulations!

22 November 2019
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