Chaplain’s Corner

Prayer Space 2019

This term saw the return of the ECS Prayer Space, a 2-day interactive workshop, open to all ECS pupils, designed to help pupils explore the nature of prayer. This year’s theme was centred upon the idea of gifts, the gifts given to us by God, but also the gifts we have within ourselves, that we can share with the world.

Activities included ‘Break your Chains’  – children were encouraged to make a paper chain, an cover the links with a worry or fear that was holding them back. Then pupils had the option to ceremoniously rip their chains off as a way of surrendering their worries to God, or hang their chains on the prayer wall, where others could offer prayer for them. Pupils also had the opportunity to recreate their favourite feature of God’s creation from play-doh, complete a self-portrait in which they showed off the skills and gifts they’d like to share with the world. There was also the opportunity for pupils to have their own philosophical discussions, based on big questions such as ‘If there is no God, why be good?’, ‘Should we believe the Bible?’ and ‘Should we all go vegetarian to help tackle the climate crisis?’.

Each session concluded with a period of meditation, where pupils and their teachers had the chance to take part in a guided practice, taking time to sit in the ancient Chapter House, enjoying the winter sun on their skin, contemplating God. It was such a special and sacred experience, and one I feel blessed to have witnessed! Thank you to all our grown-ups who visited ECS Prayer Space too, it was great to have you with us!

Mrs Fitzpatrick

13 December 2019
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