Chaplain’s Corner

Jacob was Baptised on Sunday 29th September in Exeter Cathedral. Below is an account of the day written by Jacob.

Today I was Baptised by Bishop Martin who is a family friend and neighbour. My Baptism was part of the Eucharist service in Exeter Cathedral. I have three Godparents, two are my uncles and one is Gran’s best friend Caroline.

I came up to the front to read a Lesson from the Book of Genesis. My reading was called Jacob’s Dream at Bethal. It was very surprising because I am called Jacob! After I did my reading Bishop Martin asked me if I wanted to be Baptised and I replied: “I do”. Martin put some oil on my forehead making the sign of the cross that Jesus was crucified on.

Then our family processed to the back of the Cathedral to the Font where I poured Holy Water into the Font. I bowed my head and Martin cupped his hands and splattered the water onto my head.
Later, when the congregation went up for Communion, I got to go first for a Blessing. At the end of the service I was given a very special candle to mark my Baptism.
Now that I have been Baptised, I have been officially welcomed into the Church.

4 October 2019
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