Celebrating Women’s Suffrage!

As part of the school-wide celebration of International Women’s Day, Year 4 shared their own research into women’s suffrage.  We learned about the beginnings of the movement, to the changes in law in 1918 to full suffrage being achieved 1928.  We also learned about the main protagonists and events throughout the period and considered the current, extremely varied state of women’s rights in the world today.

Of particular note was Genevieve S-J’s presentation on Suffragists and Suffragettes, which included a great deal of interesting information and was extremely well explained. She even included a quiz to reinforce our learning and was able to answer the many questions after the talk using her own wide knowledge of the subject.  Ellenna C also gave us a most interesting account of the fight for women’s suffrage and shared a super portrait she had drawn of Emeline Pankhurst.  Seren L had brought in a variety of books celebrating the achievements of great women throughout history with which to enhance her talk, and we will enjoying these in class throughout the rest of the term.

Well done to everyone for your interest and efforts in this most important area.

Rosemary Bewley

15 March 2019
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