British Science Week 2022

British Science Week is a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths that took place between 11-20 March 2022. Our pupils had a fantastic week of discovery, fun and learning. Here are some of the activities they took part in…

Engineering problems solved using Lego
Pupils have built skyscrapers, vehicles and bridges this morning in Kalendar Hall, working as a team and as individuals to round off the various activities for British Science Week. The furthest travelling vehicles ranged from simple to the complex but one managed to travel over 5 meters and was duly declared to be the winner.
Lego-workshop-1  Lego-workshop-3. Lego-workshop-4

Martians have landed
Year 8 had to design a Martian to survive temperatures of -200 degrees, swirling sand tornados, basalt ground as a food source and 95% carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
Martians-1 Martians-2

The Tallest Tower competition
Who can make the tallest spaghetti tower? 74cm tall was the record!
 spaghetti-tower-2  spaghetti-tower-4  spaghetti-tower-5

Botany and Medicine
Year 7 and 8 had the privilege of having an 8-minute introduction to one of the founding texts of Botany and Medicine. Nearly 700 years old, beautifully presented by the Cathedral Librarian, Emma L – a parent of three of our pupils here at Exeter Cathedral School. Not all scientists wear white coats!
28 March 2022
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