Boarding News

Star Boarder

The Star boarder of the week this week is Maria N. She has been very good all week and worked hard on her prep and music practice.

Christmas Market

The boarders will go to the Cathedral Christmas Market this evening to listen to the choristers sing Christmas carols and to see the Christmas lights being switched on.

On Saturday 17th, the girls boarders will be helping out at the Christmas Fair. Come and find us at the Boarding House Stall which is entitled ‘Olaf’s Nose’!

30p for 3 goes. See if you can find Olaf’s nose (a carrot) in the snow. Prizes for those who successfully find the right carrot.

Boarding Secret Santa

Sign up for Boarding Secret Santa. Children are allowed to either make their own present or spend a maximum of £5 on it. Most boarders have signed up for it already. Names to be drawn from a hat soon. Sign up now!

16 November 2018
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