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What a magical Big Boarding Sleepover we had, with 38 pupils enjoying the Harry Potter themed evening.

The boarding house and the dining room were decorated to look like Hogwarts. The boys’ floor was called the ‘Wizards’ Floor’ and the girls’ floor the ‘Witches’ Floor’. We even had the cupboard under the stairs!

Downstairs in the games room there was a craft activity where children could make their own magic wand to enter the wand competition. Charlotte J and Alejandra E won the competition with two beautiful wands. Milo F was elected best boy and Grace D best girl for the night. For the Jelly Beans competition, Rowan A was the closest at guessing how many jelly beans were in the jar and she won the whole jar.

It was a wonderful evening for the children and I would like to thank Miss Rhodes who put a lot of effort in organizing such a most enjoyable event in the boarding house. Thank you also to Miss Higham and Miss Marshall for helping us looking after all the children and making sure they were having a great time.

Also, the Star Boarder of the week this week is Alice H-M. She has shown kindness towards my fellow boarders and great commitment to her music practice all week. She has been working hard in the prep room too. Well done Alice!

12 October 2018
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