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With the Lent Term being quite short this year and so many boarders deserving to be rewarded for their fantastic overall behaviour, the Boarding Team have been finding it quite challenging to only choose one boarder each week. It is one of the reasons why we have had two Star Boarders a week regularly this term. This week, we have decided to reward two wonderful girls who would deserve to be Star Boarders every single week for their positive attitude, great behaviour, politeness, tidiness and kindness. Margot (Year 5) and Daisy (Year 7) bring happiness to the Boarding House and don’t hesitate to look after other boarders as well as staff. These two girls are valuable assets to the boarding community and we are extremely lucky to have them. Well done Margot and Daisy.

On behalf of the Boarding Team, I wish you all a happy weekend.

Mr Baurance

Head of Boarding

13 March 2020
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