Boarding House News

The Star Boarder this week is Henry C (Year 5). Henry has had a very busy week and he coped with it remarkably well. On Wednesday, for example, Henry was involved in the concert with the Blundell’s school, and the Headmaster, as well as the gap on duty, were very impressed with him as he managed to focus and do his homework quietly. Henry works very hard daily at keeping his dorm tidy and he is making good progress on his organisation skills. Well done Henry. Keep up the good work.

On this Valentine’s Day week, boarders have been expressing their feelings about boarding by writing whatever they felt like on love hearts.

The winner of our Valentine’s Day competition is Phoebe G (Year 6). We were touched and moved by what she wrote on her love heart. Each member of the boarding team works very hard on a daily basis to make the Boarding House a home for our boarders and these hearts are proof that what we do is working. “We are a family and we look after each other” is the message that appeared the most, and it represents the ethos of the Boarding House. Thank you to all the boarders who took part in this fun competition.

Congratulations to Alice HM (Year 8), our Senior Boarder, who succeeded in getting a music scholarship to go to Clifton next year. We are all proud of you Alice. Well done!

On behalf of the boarding team, I wish you all a wonderful half term break. We are looking forward to welcoming you back in the Boarding House from 6pm on Sunday 23rd February.

Mr Cédric Baurance

Head of Boarding

14 February 2020
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