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The Star Boarder this week is Josh T (Year 7). Josh usually boards once a week but this week he boarded three nights in a row. During these three nights, Josh was extremely well behaved and displayed a friendly and positive attitude towards all the boarders and members of the boarding team. I was mostly pleased when I saw Josh helping one of the younger boarders with his music practice. Josh is always available to support other boarders and he represents the ethos of the school and Boarding House perfectly. Well done Josh.

On Monday evening we launched this year’s Valentine’s Day competition. Boarders are to pick up a red heart made out of paper from the hub and write a few sentences about why they love boarding. On each heart you can read “I love boarding because…” and boarders can use their limitless imagination to write a poem for example about boarding. They have until Thursday 13th February to hand in their entries. The boarding team will then decide who wrote the best piece and their will be a prize for the winner. I have already read a few entries and they made me smile. I will publish a few examples in the next Boarding Newsletter.

On Wednesday the boarders went to Whitestone Parish Hall to see the pantomime The Pied Piper. Feedback from the boarders was very positive and they all had a wonderful time. Thank you very much Mrs Lake-Johns for organising this trip for our boarders and thank you Mrs Ball for driving the minibus. I know they are all very grateful.

Please note that the Boarding House will not be occupied during the half term holiday. Therefore, if you wish to leave your child(ren)’s belongings in their dorm, you are more than welcome to do so.

On Friday 14th February, the Boarding House will close at 5 pm – not 6.30 pm as it says in the blue calendar – therefore, I will be asking boarders to pack the belongings they want to take home and leave them in the Radford Room or Gym to pick up after School: I hope this will make for a more convenient pick-up for you. If they are not boarding on the last Thursday night, I will ask them to take their belongings with them during the week.

Please may I ask you to let me know by email at boarding@exetercs.org whether or not your child(ren) will be boarding on Sunday 23rd February.
Drop off time will be between 6pm and 7pm but please be aware that supper will be served at 6.30pm if required. Please may I also ask you to let me know if your child(ren) will need supper.

With thanks and regards,

Mr Baurance
Head of Boarding

7 February 2020
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