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This week we have two Star Boarders – Ellenna and Edward (Year 5). Both these pupils have had a great week not only in terms of behaviour around the boarding house but also in their maturity and attitude towards prep and music practice. Edward also stood out when he kindly helped a friend who was having a tough time. Well done both of you!

This week we also celebrated two birthdays. Happy birthday to Gen (Year 5) and Bea (Year 8)! We hope you had a wonderful day.

Next Friday is the Big Karaoke Sleepover. A lot of Year 3-6 pupils have signed up for what is going to be a fantastic evening in the boarding house.

On Saturday morning, breakfast is at 9am. Collection is from 10am to 11am. If you need to collect your child before the collection time this isn’t a problem. Please just call us when you have arrived.

Please feel free to phone during the evening or morning. Children are also welcome to phone home if they wish. The duty mobile will be taken to Mr Baurance’s flat overnight if you need to call us for any reason.

Duty Mobile – 07375 546 174

Common Room Phone – 01392 457074

On collection, please call the numbers provided but there will be a gap at the chantry front door to let you in.

With thanks and regards,

Mr Baurance

Head of boarding

31 January 2020
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