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This week, our Star Boarder is James MC (Year 7). James has been showing excellent behaviour and positive attitude since the beginning of term and the Boarding Team thought he deserved to be commended for it. James has also taken it into his own hands to organise a boarding concert. He is very keen to show the rest of the school what the boarders can do. Auditions started this week and will continue in the couple of weeks. I encourage every boarder to sign up for what is going to be a wonderful concert. I have heard that members of the Boarding Team might be taking part to! To be continued…

This week we celebrated Ellie May B’s birthday (Year 6). We hope you had a wonderful day on your birthday Ellie May.

There are still a few spaces available for the Big Boarding Karaoke Sleepover taking place on Friday 7th February. This event is open to Year 3-6 pupils.

I would be grateful if you could sign up on the portal by Monday 27th January. The event should show on Friday of Week 5 of the Lent term.

Yours sincerely,

Mr C Baurance

Head of Boarding

24 January 2020
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