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For this week’s Star Boarder we were unable to have a clear winner, therefore we have two star boarders this week, Ellie May B and Phoebe G, both in Year 6. Both girls usually board once a week, sometimes a bit more, and are always perfectly behaved. Their attitude towards school, boarding, work and life in general is consistently positive and mature. Both girls are a strong asset for the boarding community and an example for all the other boarders. Well done both of them.

This week on Tuesday we also celebrated Ellenna’s 10th birthday. Happy birthday Ellenna! We hope you had a fantastic week.

On Tuesday 19th November, the Boarding Council will meet to talk about life in the Boarding House. Daisy, Toby, Alice and Bea are the four members of our Boarding Council this year and it is important for our community that they have a voice and their say in the running of the Boarding House. These four pupils also represent and share opinions on behalf of all boarders.

Many thanks,

Mr Baurance
Head of Boarding

15 November 2019
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