Boarding House News

In the absence of all the Year 8s who have been camping all week, this week’s star boarder is Alice HM (Year 7). She was very helpful around the house and always shows very good behaviour and positive attitude. Well done Alice.

Last Friday took place our last sleepover for this academic year. The evening was dedicated to Year 2 and 3 children and the theme was “pirates.” The evening was for most of the children a first boarding experience and the first time they have been away from home for a whole night. The whole boarding team was very impressed with how well they all coped with it. All the children were extremely well behaved and brave. We all enjoyed some activities such as treasure map making and finding out our pirate name. Children also enjoyed a nice meal in the dining hall followed by a treasure hunt on the playground which unfortunately was interrupted by the rain. We then all enjoyed watching an animation film in the hub. Thank you very much to all the children who have taken part in this special event and many thanks to the boarding team for their hard work and support. We hope to see you again in the boarding house next year.

Last Tuesday our boarders enjoyed a fantastic meal at supper. The theme was Pollo A Mio and the food was so good that all the children without exception went for seconds and even thirds.

On Wednesday, our lovely catering team organised a special pasta workshop where some of our boarders and other pupils were taught how to make their own pasta by a special chef. We even got to eat what they made for supper. It was delicious! Well done! (please see picture attached).

Mr Cédric Baurance
Head of Boarding

14 June 2019
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