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The Big One-Sie Sleepover

Last Friday, 29 children came to the Boarding House for an evening of fun with their friends. For those who arrived early at the Boarding House, the evening started with a quick change into their best onesie and a showing of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. After supper and once everyone had arrived, some decided to explore their creativity and practise their artistic skills making some very cool dream catchers while others chose to take part in what turned out to be an extremely contested Mario Kart tournament on the Wii U. Owen J was in the lead for most of the evening until his brother, Matthew J, who was the last to take the wheel, beat his older brother by only a few seconds and won the prize for the fastest Mario Kart driver. Well done Matthew!

Regarding the other prizes for the evening, Best Girl went to Olivia T and Best Boy to Adam H. The prize for the cutest one-sie went to Seren L, the scariest prize went to Milo F and his terrifying skeleton one-sie that glows in the dark, the Fluffiest onesie went to Jude B and finally the most original one-sie went to Gen S who was actually wearing three one-sies at the same time… she must have been warm!

This new event in the Boarding House was a success and all the staff involved felt rewarded for their hard work by the excitement, smiles, laughter and happiness.  I would like to say a huge thank you to Miss Rhodes, Miss Tyler, Miss Wurst and Mr Egarr without who this whole evening of fun would have been impossible.

This week was Valentine’s Week in the Boarding House and every boarder was offered the opportunity to write a Valentine’s card for the Boarding House. Miss Rhodes, who is now famous for her incredible ideas and craft skills, made beautiful cards in the shape of a heart for the occasion and, as you can see from the pictures, the outcome was fabulous. We love boarding!

On Tuesday night, we also celebrated the achievements of all our Year 8 boarders who have just been through a series of challenging exams and interviews in order to get into the best schools in the area. We are proud of all of them and they are all an example for our younger boarders who look up to them. Their commitment, positive attitude and hard work, day in day out, have paid off. Well done to all of them!

“What about the baby photo competition?” some of you might be wondering. Well, again, it was a very contested one! Miss Rhodes, who clearly knows all the boarders and staff very well, scored an unbelievable 18 out of 18 marks, becoming the first ever winner of this wonderful competition. Second with 14 points, was Felix W and third was Rowan A with 13 marks. All that is left for me to do now is to ignore and forget that most people who took part in the competition thought I was a baby girl…

Finally, the Star Boarder of the week in this last week before half term is James MC. He has been fantastic all week and he took his role as an experienced weekly boarder very seriously during the Big Sleepover, helping and supporting the younger children for whom it was only their first or second experience as boarders. Well done James and thank you.

We will see you all after a well deserved break. Please note that dropping off time on Sunday 24th February will be between 5pm and 6pm as usual. If you cannot make it for this time, please email the boarding team at boarding@exetercs.org

On behalf of the boarding team, I wish you all a fantastic half term break.

15 February 2019
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