Boarding Council, Birthday fun and Adventure Saturdays!

⭐️ Star Boarders

Our Star Boarders this week are Antoine and Margot. It is a pleasure to share a home with Antoine and Margot. They are happy children with fantastic attitude. They enjoy looking after other people, especially younger and new boarders. It is lovely to see Antoine looking after Harry when he boards, and Margot do the same with Eliza and others. Well done, you two.

We also celebrated Oscar’s birthday!


🔦 How does Boarding Council work?

As it is in every area of the school, Pupils’ Voice is also something extremely important in the Boarding House. To represent all the boarders, the boarding community elects the members of the boarding council every year. The boarding council meets regularly with Mr Baurance to discuss boarding issues. It is composed of our Senior Boarder Ellie May, Gen and Edward K, and their job is to listen to all boarders’ ideas, and to communicate them during meetings. When a meeting is organised, Mr Baurance also always invites one or two extra pupils from different year groups to get a bigger variety of opinions and ideas. This week, the meeting took place on Wednesday evening and we discussed Adventure Saturdays activities, week nights activities, updated morning and evening routines for next September, breakfast and supper. After each meeting, Mr Baurance prints out the minutes and they are available for everyone to read in the Boarding House common room.


🙌 Adventure Saturday

Our last Adventure Saturday will take place on 9 July. For the occasion, we are going to Crealy Theme Park, and there are still a couple of spaces left on the mini bus.

If you would like to join us for a fun day at Crealy, please book your space at boarding@extetercs.org


Have a lovely weekend, everyone.

Mr Baurance
Head of Boarding

4 July 2022
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