Biology and Art with Year 5

Year 5 was treated to an interactive talk today from Maggie Sindall, artist and retired Head of Science at Cloyton Grammar School who lives near Lyme Regis.

Maggie brought in lots of ancient and modern items for the children to handle and encouraged them to think through the process of Evolution. During the afternoon, students held a fossil Plesiosaur, a 500 Million year old Trilobite and wafer thin whelk egg casings to name but a few. They finished by exploring the impact of man and rather surprisingly, algae on our world, both of which has wrecked equal damage it seems.

Maggie also showed the pupils some of her art work and explained why Biology and Art are so closely interlinked for her, we now have on loan some pieces from her recent ammonite collection and have been gifted an original piece of artwork for the lab as well. Whilst Year 5 enjoyed the personal touch today, all items have been loaned to the school for the rest of term and every age group will be given the chance to investigate them. It was a wonderful visit and we are delighted that she has already offered to come back again next year.

Mrs Lake-Johns
Year 5 Teacher

19 May 2018
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