BBC Young Reporters: News update 4

Getting to know the Teacher

Amy W

This week I have had the privilege of getting to know Mr Pennington!

Here’s what he has had to say:

1. Why did you become a teacher?

I enjoy working with young people and I enjoy the challenge of making a difference for children. Seeing them develop, change over time and providing them with opportunities to try new things while encouraging them to push themselves are things are really enjoy in my role.

2. Who inspires you?

A few teachers have really inspired me. Mr Pike who was one of my teachers at ECS was great. He was fun and lively personality always inspired me to keep going. Mr Bagnell was another one of my teachers who I looked up to and tried to impress. He has many wise words to help me while I was growing up. Mr Poustie at Exeter School was also very inspiring and passionate about his rugby. He always did his very best for children and was a fantastic role model who encouraged me to do my best.

3. What’s next?

Continue to teach and inspire you guys! For me life is all about challenge and enjoying things. I love what I currently do. I will always want to be able to inspire children and encourage them to give things a go and not give up.

4. What do you want to do when you were younger?

I thought I was going to be a farmer as I grew up on a farm and enjoyed being outside.

5. Why ECS?

I was a former pupil and loved every minute of my time here. I believe in the virtues of a Prep School and how we prepare pupils for their chosen senior schools. We offer so many opportunities to learn and develop the ECS habits for life which I think are invaluable for all children.

Armed Police Rescue Poor Hungry Gerbil!

Zhi Y

Armed police have had to rescue a hungry gerbil after its owner went to prison this week. The gerbil (who cannot be named for legal reasons) was trapped in the house alone for days.

Officers from the local police force received a tip-off from the RSPCA that the gerbil was alone. The owner refused to give permission for the police to enter his property so armed police were called in to resolve the situation.

They had to force entry to the house before finding the poor little hungry gerbil.

The gerbil is now safe and full of life again after some wholesome meals!

How to Celebrate Chinese New Year

Eve L

Recently it was Chinese New Year and more than a billion people celebrated it. Do you know how people celebrated?

* Homes are cleaned and filled with red lanterns and decorations.

* Families have a dinner of fish and dumplings and after everyone stays awake until midnight to watch fireworks

* Children are given red packets which have money in it to bring good health

* Washing hair, fighting and swearing is not allowed on the first day of the Chinese New Year in case it brings bad luck.

What do you think of these traditions? Is it just numbo-jumbo or do we really get bad luck if we do not do these things? You decide!

22 March 2019
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