BBC Young Reporters: News update 3

Life in Year 6

Amy W

At ECS Year 6 is an action-packed year you will love. We have awesome English lessons with Mr Bartlett and Miss Cox and play lots of sports such as hockey, netball, rounders, cricket to name just a few.

I have interviewed some current Year 6 pupils to hear what they think:

‘I love Year 6, it’s fun because we get to do more and we learn harder things. I like to know that Mr Meeke is here to look after us too.’ Maria N

‘Life in Year 6 is enjoyable because of the sport we play. My favourite sport is cricket. I think we are also lucky to be able to use the Cathedral. It helps me to think and relax sometimes.’ Freddie W

‘I love Year 6 because I have a big group of friends and I love English which is my favourite lesson. I also like being in the orchestra and singing in the Cathedral. I like learning about how I can be healthy in our PSHE sessions too.’ Bella S

Well, there you have it. Year 6 at ECS is a fantastic year and I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

77% of children at ECS want to stay in the EU and stop Brexit!

Michael J

The result of our poll has shown that we should remain in the EU.

Across the county pupils have been voting to stay or leave and the majority of children do not want us to leave. This is different from what the county said nearly 3 years ago. Here is what some of our children said at ECS:

‘I think Theresa May should listen to the children because it is mainly us who will be affected by Brexit in the future!’

‘I think it is proving too difficult to leave and we should remain for now until we can leave properly.’

As it stands, MPs are still arguing about the deal and we seem no closer to completing Brexit.

Rainbow Rivers

Emanuele M

Have you ever seen a map of the UK with wiggly coloured lines before? A man called Robert Szucs has made a map to show all the rivers running into the sea.

Did you know that every river has a colour? The Thames is purple and the River Severn is blue. The map by Robert Szucs is a rainbow of rivers and if you get a chance to see it you will be amazed!

15 March 2019
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