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Welcome to our Young Reporters page this term. Here you will find stories from pupils in Years 3-8 who are part of the Young Reporters Club on a Monday after school run by Mr Bartlett. The Editor in Chief this term is: Eve L.

We hope you enjoy the stories!

Why we love dodge ball!

This term the Boarders have loved playing dodge ball in the gym after school every Tuesday. The Boarding House community have said the game brings them together as a team and helps them to relax after a busy school day. Despite

Mr Baurance’s talents and countless wins, the Boarders leap for joy when they manage to get him out. Mr Baurance, a champion dodge ball player, said that the game ‘is fun and provides physical activity for all pupils and helps to destress.’ As Boarders, we love throwing balls at teachers! It is hoped that the Boarders will claim more victories this term!

Amy W

Is it time to limit our Screentime?

The news has recently been reporting some of the dangers of children spending too much time looking at screens. Research suggests that we need to not spend too much time on our mobile phones and tablets.

Too much time looking at screens can stop us sleeping properly and it can make some people angry especially if they play computer games.

I think that children should spend no more than 1 hour looking at screens a day. Instead of starring at a screen, children should try the following:

  • Practice a musical instrument
  • Chat with family
  • Read
  • Play outside

Milo F

Plastic hurts our animals and makes pollution

Plastic rubbish is a big problem for us in the UK. We need to remember to recycle plastic at home and in school.

Bringing our own reusable water bottles to school is a good idea and can help reduce pollution. We can fill our water bottles up at break and lunchtimes. In School we should remember to put our rubbish in the bins ready for recycling. We should also remember to not drop litter when we are out. It will make our community smart and protect our animals.

Emanuele M

Brexit and Theresa May: Will we ever leave?

In 2016, on Thursday 23 June, a referendum was held to see if we remained in the European Union. Leave won by 51.9%.

Britain is due to leave the EU on the 29 March, however, we have not come up with a deal yet. If we do not have a deal by the time we leave the EU, we will have NO DEAL and this is a bad thing!

A No Deal means that the EU and Britain have not reached a withdrawal agreement. If no agreement can be made then there will not be a 21 month transition period which May is currently proposing.

If we leave with no deal, businesses will have to immediately response to changes and this would cause chaos!

Some people are now changing their minds about Brexit. Some are saying that they did not know what it meant when they voted.

So the question is now: if we vote again, should we stay or should we go?

Let’s wait to find out what happens next for Brexit.

Eve L

25 January 2019
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